Unique 2013 Vespa 946 Bellissima / Tedstar Custom, 150cc, New (58 miles)

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Vespa 946 Bellissima / TEDSTAR CUSTOM - SPECIFICATION - - Tradition and innovation: body made of sheet steel with aluminium elements: handlebar, saddle support, side panels, front mudguard. - Maximum safety: ABS braking system and ASR electronic traction control. Large 12-inch wheels, dual disc brakes. - Ecology and economy: 150 cc 3V engine, electronic injection, fuel consumption and emission reduction at the top of the category. - Technology and style: LED headlight and indicators, full LCD dashboard. - ADDITIONAL INFO - This is considered the most beautiful and luxurious scooter in the world, and with MSRP of about $11,000 (on US market, including taxes and fees), the most expensive one.Vespa 946 has best mixture of advanced technology and perfect design based on the Piaggio MP6 prototype from 1946. That particular model made in 2013 is collectible. Stefan Dobrianov/Tedo, from design and leather restoration studio "TEDSTAR", (Santa Barbara, California) took the challenge to make something that already was so beautiful, look even better. Cowhide stamped leather, carbon fiber details and chrome plated aftermarket parts, combined with unique leather working techniques (tooling leather without using common tools like stamps and mallet) and precise craftsmanship add more to that high end classy look. The added side bags bring body shape closer to the prototype made back in 1946. They are made out of fiberglass, covered inside with chrome tanned leather. The lids are made of carbon fiber, covered with cowhide veg tanned leather. Seat, rear fender, front fender, license plate frame, upper handle bar part, front panel trim, brake levers, and hand grips are covered with thick durable cowhide veg tanned leather, hand stitched, hand tooled, and impregnated. Unique technique has been used to achieve those shades of tan brown, there's NO dye used in the process. Polished stainless still muffler hit shield was painted with high heat resistant mat black paint. The engraved fly screen is an important detail of the whole picture. OEM cheap plastic turn signals made for the US market where replaced/modified with chrome plated billet aluminum LED ones. As a result we have beautiful design that adheres to the law in the States. Even though I considered this as work of art, that beauty will resist unexpected showers and bad conditions. I have experience with the first TEDSTAR scooter I've made two years ago (carbon fiber body, leather cover, leather horse saddle/sit, for pi...

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  • Price : (48 bids)     $14,100
  • Time Left: (May 13, 2017 05:31:25 UTC)
  • Make: Vespa
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Location: Santa Barbara, California
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